Edutizer is innovative and stress-free, effortlessly ensuring you meet your company’s learning needs

Create and plan training courses in minutes

With an intuitive user interface, you can create engaging and interactive training courses with just a few clicks. 

Create role-based personalised learning paths

With Edutizer, you can enroll your employees on training courses based on their role-based development plan. This way each employee can be assured an individual learning journey

Conveniently manage your compliance training process

With the unique roles matrix, you only need to assign an employee to the correct role – Edutizer identifies role-based training requirements and automatically signs the employee up to the necessary training courses. This is also the case when certificates expire.

Empower employees to acquire knowledge without the hassle of being dependent on a physical location

Edutizer can be used with any smart device at any time in all major languages. Thanks to this, employees can take online training courses conveniently and at a time suitable for them.

Analyse results and make better decisions

Edutizer provides a comprehensive overview of each user’s development and allows you to create flexible and personalised report forms.

Maintain a comprehensive history of training courses taken by employees

Edutizer provides a complete record of training courses for all employees and allows you to manage it – even for inactive employees.

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