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Edutizer – cutting-edge
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The business environment is developing at an increasingly fast pace. This ever-changing economic landscape requires an entirely new approach.

Digital tools are being improved every day. Adapting to the new opportunities provided by digital technologies requires continuous retraining in order to increase efficiency and ensure sustainable development.

Compliance requirements are constantly changing. Keeping up with the multi-faceted learning needs of employees and offering regular training courses takes valuable time and money. 

An organisation that is continuously learning is one that is geared towards success. You need a sustainable and effective strategy to make your organisation capable of incorporating these new trends and technologies.

The solution is Edutizer!

Edutizer is an advanced LMS, i.e. intuitive competence and compliance management software that makes learning management seamless and unobtrusive. It takes less time and money to maintain the qualifications of employees, and the company can instead commit to creating value.

Edutizer – convenient management of all your company’s training needs

Onboarding new employees 

Edutizer makes the onboarding process for new employees smooth and worry-free. New employees undergo training courses and receive exactly the right information at the right time.

Compliance training 

Edutizer automates the employee compliance training process from start to finish. This way, all employees continually meet the competence requirements.

Safety training 

Edutizer also automates safety training for employees. Appropriate and timely safety training ensures a safe and productive work environment.


Edutizer supports the professional development of your staff and offers each employee a personal learning journey individually tailored to their needs.

How does Edutizer work?


Create a matrix based on the company’s strategy, needs, or requirements.
Edutizer keeps records of the skills and knowledge required to fill the roles.


Assign employee roles in the company.
Edutizer assesses each employee’s compliance with the role and identifies potential shortcomings.


Create professional training packages based on the information received.
Edutizer ensures that employees meet their required qualifications through the right training courses and learning materials.


Take a break.
Edutizer registers employees to training courses and guarantees that mandatory compliance training sessions are always completed.


Monitor the effectiveness of training.
Edutizer helps track key metrics and employees’ learning progress.


Manage a competent organisation.
Edutizer takes care of the training courses and helps create a skilled, effectively functioning organisation.

Your wins

Higher returns

Consistent development and qualification of employees reduces the possibility of potential occupational accidents and breakdowns..

Lower risk

The learning software provides a rapid but comprehensive overview of the state of compliance, both now and in the near future. Compliance with the standards is simple, easy and transparent.

Time savings

The LMS environment takes care of the routine and tedious activities for you. This leaves managers more time to focus their core activities.

Cost savings

Employees can take online training courses from the comfort of their home or at work. This reduces the costs that would otherwise be spent on premises, trainers, and learning materials.

Why choose Edutizer?

Flexible price

You only pay for active users

Multilingual local helpdesk 

We will find the optimal solution to your problem.

20 years of experience 

The introduction of the system is simple and seamless.