Bring people on the same page

The Challenge

The modern marketplace is moving faster than ever and all companies struggle with adapting change!

  • Digitalisation is rapidly changing the workplace – digital tools are subject to constant upgrades and require continuous learning
  • The high paced economy is changing ways of working (gig economy, interdisciplinary enterprises), ensuring people have up-to-date information is both expensive and laborious
  • To bring lasting change to your team and organization, your change management process has to focus on long-term behavioural change

Edutizer can help you

Edutizer is a software service that helps organisations adapt to a high paced business environment by implementing people-centric change management that is driven by measurable knowledge distribution.

Raises alignment

Raises organisational alignment through quick and convenient access to up-to-date information

Improves change management

Improves success rate of change implementation, by making people skills centric change management an integral part of your everyday business

Saves costs

Online training reduces employee travel, optimizes training expenditure and usage, minimizes costs on facilities and instructors

Employee progress

Raises employee progress and performance: easily generate training reports on an overall or user/student level basis, so trainers can easily track goal progress, knowledge gains etc

Reduces regulatory risks

Reduces risk by making regulatory compliance easy: simple engagement of employees/partners and a fast, complete and transparent overview of the current compliance situation

Boosts training quality

Single source for content, course materials, instructions and feedback to tutors provides consistency in training and learning quality to all employees

How to make
the most of Edutizer?

  1. Create skills and knowledge matrix for your company’s roles and competencies based on your strategic initiatives (business strategy, projects, products, services) or regulatory compliance needs
  2. Assess your team’s compliance to the matrix and conduct skills and knowledge gap analysis
  3. Generate upskill packages that help your team and partners fill in those gaps by teaching them the missing skills and knowledge
  4. Upskill your team, track the progress and KPIs, retrospect and repeat (trainees always have access to their study materials)


Align your people with your
business goals

Use Cases

  • Employee / user / customer onboarding
  • Management training
  • Sales and front line training
  • Regulatory compliance training
  • Partner training and certification
  • Change implementation training
  • Digital tool adoption / Feature adoption
  • Organisationalcompetency mapping

What can you do with Edutizer


  • Create, assess your company competency matrix
  • Manage your courses/trainings
  • Plan your team competences
  • Manage user roles & groups
  • Manage your trainings schedule
  • Manage your budget & training costs
  • Manage enterprise certifications